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Facial Cosmetic Procedures

The surgeons at Island Oral Facial And Implant Surgery provide some elective cosmetic procedures. For those procedures that we do not provide but will enhance the outcome of other corrective jaw surgeries, we will make the referral to the best-qualified provider for additional procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelift, brow lift, facial peels and laser treatments. 
Procedures that we currently provide include genioplasty (chin augmentation), facial implants, and injection with Botox and dermal fillers.

Cosmetic Injections

Botulinum Toxin Type A (ex. Botox®, Dysport®) is a minimally invasive, non-surgical aesthetic treatment for facial lines and creases. By injecting the hyperactive muscles of facial expression, Botox® works to prevent the formation of facial wrinkles. Commonly injected areas include include the forehead, frown lines, crow's feet, peri-oral lines, and vertical neck bands. Results last 3 to 6 months and longer with repeated injections. Our goal and technique allows for reduction of these overactive muscles while still allowing a natural expression. Over time, these muscles become weaker and results will last even longer. 

How it Works

Underneath your skin, your facial muscles contract with emotional expression. This causes a wrinkling of the overlying skin. After years of crinkling and wrinkling, those lines of expression start to linger longer and can become more pronounced as the collagen weakens. Botox® works by reducing the contractions of the muscles that cause those persistent lines.


Botox® Cosmetic is one of the most widely used cosmetic procedures in the world with a long track record of safe and effective use. Prior to cosmetic applications it was used to treat muscles spasms of the face, neck and body.

Before Treatment

To better understand your overall health, we will evaluate your medical history prior to treatment. In addition, a complete examination of your face and neck is made in order to decide the most effective injection sites. All issues and concerns will be discussed.

The areas that will be treated are marked and digital photographs are taken in order to determine the amount of improvement after treatment.

The Botox® Cosmetic Procedure

Botox® Cosmetic injections are performed without anesthesia because it is virtually painless. Only a very small scratch is felt when the injections are made. The effects are not permanent and may need to be repeated two to three times per year to retain the effects. Research has suggested, however, that long term use of the injections leads to a longer duration of each treatment's effect. Patients over the age of 65 may not experience as dramatic of results. Botox® Cosmetic is only useful in treating expression lines and cannot be used to repair sagging skin caused by aging.

Post-Treatment Information

After the treatment patients may experience slight bruising around the area that quickly fades. Normal activities can be performed immediately, but we do recommend to avoid lying down for 4 hours after the treatment. Possible side effects are temporary weakness of nearby muscles or in rare cases an eyelid may droop. Botox® Cosmetic is completely reversible so any side effect is only a temporary condition. The doctor will explain all risks associated at the time of your consultation. Click here for our post-treatment instructions.

Cosmetic Facial Fillers

As everyone ages we develop facial wrinkles and soft tissue laxity, the most prominent signs of the aging face. This process is called soft tissue atrophy and is a result of the loss of youthful facial fat and soft tissue. There are many procedures available for the treatment of this soft tissue atrophy. The focus of facial fillers is on replacing the lost volume in the skin and its deeper layers to achieve facial recontouring.

The most commonly treated areas include the lips, nasolabial folds (area between the nose and the side of the mouth), cheeks, corners of the mouth, jaw line, underneath the eyes, and frown lines. Placement of a filler is a simple office procedure that can performed on the same day of your consultation. The injection of temporary fillers is performed in the office, with or without a topical anesthetic or nerve block, and the procedure takes about 5 to 15 minutes.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that exists in the human body and is used to create volume and fullness in the skin. It accomplishes this by hydrating and delivering nutrients to the skin resulting. Since this product does not involve the use of foreign substances, allergies are extremely rare and a skin test is not required. After treatment you may experience minimal local bruising and redness. Depending on the filler selected, results last 6-12 months though touch-ups may be required sooner. 

Permanent Fillers

Permanent injectable wrinkle fillers are approved for the correction of smile lines or nasolabial folds. It is composed of plexiglass microspheres that are not absorbed by the body and provide the permanent support your skin needs for long-lasting wrinkle correction. They may require allergy testing as they contain bovine collagen and a small percentage of the population will react to this (approximately 4%). There may be moderate local bruising and redness. Once this foreign substance is injected, your body will naturally form scar tissue around it to protect it from entering other areas of the body. This scar is made of collagen, which as we know is a filler all by itself. However, since the foreign substance is not biodegradable, it will stay in your body presumably forever. While many people will do fine with injection of a foreign, non-biodegradable filler, some people will form excessive scars, creating firmness, lumpiness, inflammation, and migration of the substance. Since it is permanent, it is very difficult to remove if problems do arise.

Latisse® Eyelash Treatment

Eyelash hypotrichosis is the term given to short, thin and sparse eyelashes. Latisse® is the first and only FDA approved prescription treatment for enhancement of lash length, fullness, and colour. Latisse® is bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% and works by increasing the numbers of eyelashes in the growth phase. Often, an increase of about 18% in the darkness of lashes, 25% of additional length, and more than 100% improvement in fullness is observed with treatment. Changes may be noticed in about four weeks with full outcome in 12-16 weeks.


Latisse® is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes each in the comfort of your own home. Results are gradual and require you to apply the topical solution each night for best results. There is no downtime or recovery time. Treatment is painless, and convenient. After cleansing your face and removing contact lenses, you simply brush the clear, topical liquid onto the upper lash line. Sterile applicators are disposable – you use a clean one each night to safeguard the health of your eyes.


The most common side effects after using Latisse® are a temporary itchy sensation of the eyes and/or eye redness. This occurs in approximately 4% of patients and is not an allergic reaction or harmful to the eyes. Skin darkening in the area of application or of the coloured portion of the eye (iris) is much less common and has been reported to be reversible after Latisse® discontinuation.